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If you've escaped to paradise to tie the knot I can add to your special day by providing some catering options. Small or large groups, our platters have something for everyone. Please contact me in advance to talk through platter options and availability.

Platters for Couples or Groups

Our platters are the ideal addition for watching the beautiful Rarotongan sun go down or lapping up some rays. Instead of dining out, we can offer a personalised meal from the comfort of your resort, home or beach towel! It's a great option for family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries. We also offer Breakfast Platters to help kick-start your day! We take the stress out of preparing the food so you can enjoy your special moment.

Wine Matching

Along with creating great food I have a passion for good wine. As an experienced wine maker and sommelier, I can offer wine matching options to accompany your order if desired. Please specify this option if you would like wine included when placing your initial order.

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